Welcome, Catherine!

We welcomed our 23rd student just a few short weeks ago. Catherine, a former TAS student, joins us from California, and we are very pleased to have her in our class. The girls were especially happy, because it brought their numbers closer to the boys. I was pleasantly surprised when I met Catherine’s parents because I had taught their daughter, Ann, a few years ago in 5th grade.

Here is a photo of Catherine just outside our classroom.


Celebrating the Year of the Tiger

One of the best times at TAS is the celebration during Chinese New Year. Thanks so much to the parent volunteers who helped make the day successful.

James is enjoying one of the food treats.

Tomoki and a student from another class working on their tigers.

MinJi and Rachel in traditional Korean clothing

Rachel, MinJi, emerald, Kendra, InKyung, and Jessica on the playground after the festivities

Aboriginal Museum Field Trip

This was a fantastic field trip! As part of our Social Studies unit of Taiwan, the students learn about the aboriginal tribes. This museum, which is not far from the National Palace Museum, has very interesting exhibits, which help the students see how the tribes lived in the past.

In front of the museum

In the theater following the short videos

Listening intently to the guide

Welcome, Jessica!

We welcomed our 22nd student not long ago.  Jessica joins us from Korea, and she is quickly making new friends in class. As you can see from the photo, Jessica’s bright smile is beautiful.  We are glad to have you in our class, Jessica.

Here is Jessica with Cheyenne enjoying an activity during our Chinese New Year celebration.

Cheyenne and Jessica

Grade 3 Book Group

Grade three parents are invited to join a book group which will be held on four consecutive Wednesday afternoons between Lunar New Year and Spring break. “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk” is an easy to read book that contains practical advice for communicating with your children. In addition to learning new communication skills, parents will meet and get to know other grade three parents. If you are interested in the book group and have not already signed up, contact Ralph Whalen at whalenr@tas.edu.tw

Gr 3 Parent Book Group ” How to Talk So Kids will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk” Date: Feb 24, Mar 3, 10 & 17 (4 Wednesdays) Time: 1:00 – 2:20 pm Venue: Lower School Conference Room

Students as Teachers

Ms. Sophie Tsai, executive secretary to Dr. Hennesy, and current education student, requested help for a project she is working on for a class she is taking. She needed information about “Scratch,” an animation program that our class used when developing characters for their realistic fiction.

Since the children were the experts, I had her interview four of the class members. That worked so well, that she wanted to videotape the same students so she could show it to her class. I just watched the video and am very impressed by the information the four children shared. Click here to watch: Student Video

Various Goings-On

These are photos that don’t necessarily fit in with a specific category, but I wanted to give you a snapshot into other parts of the classroom.  Enjoy.

Calvin's turn to use the giant ball instead of his regular chair.

When students finish their math journal pages, they check their work with the teacher guide. Here are Tomoki, Calvin, and Andrew

Minji, Calvin, In-Kyung, and Nathan W. are busily putting things into their portfolios to get ready for conferences

When it rains, we have indoor recess. Here are Nathan T., Tomoki, Sarah, Andrew, and Minji with their masterpiece

Unfortunately, while cleaning the crayfish environments, too much elodea escaped into the sink, and I needed to call for our friendly custodian. I love how interested the students were in what he was doing!

I used the apple and orange as a demonstration on a revision lesson, called "Cracking open Words." Ask your child what I did with the fruit! Then see if he or she can tell you how it helps word choice revision.