Various Goings-On

These are photos that don’t necessarily fit in with a specific category, but I wanted to give you a snapshot into other parts of the classroom.  Enjoy.

Calvin's turn to use the giant ball instead of his regular chair.

When students finish their math journal pages, they check their work with the teacher guide. Here are Tomoki, Calvin, and Andrew

Minji, Calvin, In-Kyung, and Nathan W. are busily putting things into their portfolios to get ready for conferences

When it rains, we have indoor recess. Here are Nathan T., Tomoki, Sarah, Andrew, and Minji with their masterpiece

Unfortunately, while cleaning the crayfish environments, too much elodea escaped into the sink, and I needed to call for our friendly custodian. I love how interested the students were in what he was doing!

I used the apple and orange as a demonstration on a revision lesson, called "Cracking open Words." Ask your child what I did with the fruit! Then see if he or she can tell you how it helps word choice revision.


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