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Aboriginal Museum Field Trip

This was a fantastic field trip! As part of our Social Studies unit of Taiwan, the students learn about the aboriginal tribes. This museum, which is not far from the National Palace Museum, has very interesting exhibits, which help the students see how the tribes lived in the past.

In front of the museum

In the theater following the short videos

Listening intently to the guide


Storytelling and Hunger Day Presentations

We are so very lucky to be at a school in which we can participate in special presentations put on by Upper School students. We thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Bishop’s storytellers. Not only were they enthusiastic and entertaining, but by seeing their expertise, our class learned a little better about how to orally read their own books and stories.

Our three outstanding upper school storytellers

Listening intently...

Andrew, Nathan W., and Calvin enjoying the storytellers

Each year, Mr. Arnold’s Orphanage Club students prepare a detailed presentation for Hunger Day. They get a chance to improve their speaking ability and our students get a chance to learn many things about world-wide hunger and what they can do to help out. What most impressed me this year was the excellent discourse between our third graders and the upper school students. The upper school students said later they were blown away by the amount of knowledge the 3rd graders already had.

One of the presenters and our class with hands held high just waiting for him to call on someone else

Community Day


We, the Dragon Readers,had picture perfect weather for Community Day, the day in which all 3rd graders celebrate the end of their unit on Community. Thanks go out to all the volunteers, not just from our classroom, but the other five classrooms as well. You helped make this an amazing day…a true celebration of community.

Preparing for the parade

Ahhh, nothing like a cold, wet sponge on a warm day!

Darren, intense at the hula hoop game

Are you dizzy yet?