Writing, writing, writing!

We are following the Lucy Caulkins models of writing, and while they are time consuming, they are good for getting students to write in depth about the genre. Our first genre was a personal narrative; writing a little seed story instead of a big watermelon topic. And our second genre, which is finally nearly finished, was realistic fiction stories. Once the final three stories are revised, and edited, they will all be ready for publishing on a class web page. We’ll be going to the computer lab the Thursday and Friday following Christmas vacation to do the publishing. I’m sure you will all enjoy the stories.

Here are students in various stages of the writing process.

MinJi is thinking about what to write next, while In-Kyung, Emerald, and Sarah are adding to their scenes in their story booklets

Here Rachel is modeling how to add more detail to scenes

Cheyenne, Andrew, Emerald, Ethan, and Calvin are using the Alphasmart Danas to type in their scenes from their story booklets


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