At the end of last year, I volunteered to have the Alphasmart Danas in my classroom. These were purchased for Middle School use some years ago, but with the one-to-one laptop initiative, they became available for lower school use. These are fantastic tools. Because we have only 24 laptops available for all six third grade classes, these Danas act as a good stop-gap measure.

We started using them with the realistic fiction story scenes. When students were finished writing one or more scenes, they then got out their Danas, and word processed their writing. Once that was done, at intermittent intervals, that work was sent to their own personal files, then they could work on the laptops for publishing when I had them scheduled for our classroom.  Coming into third grade, our students had a basic idea of how to use technology. I am amazed at the progress they have made in figuring out how to manipulate the tools to make their writing and publishing complete.

Enjoy the following photos:

Emerald taking her Dana out of the cart

Rachel and Darren at work on the laptops

"Sending" work from the Dana to laptops...lots of cords involved! Students are independently doing this on their own now.


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